National Safety and Risk knows communication is critical during a challenging event such as an COVID - 19. We have developed a strategic plan to understand the concerns of our clients and their agents, underwriters, and the insureds.

By implementing our plan and having open communications we hope to belay any concerns and still provide our clients with accurate and timely information. We are moving forward with an abundance of caution for safety reasons and to maintain our ability to serve you and your insureds without disruption.

As restrictions are coming in State by State, we are monitoring and following any mandates as necessary.  We do have solutions available which includes sometimes will include just being patient. As a company, we are following the CDC guidelines. Our office employees are working from home.  We are asking our field reps not to shake hands while at locations, to stay home if they are not feeling well, wash hands often in field, use recommended social distancing, and limit times they touch any surfaces.  

We have provided links to the CDC guidelines and from the National Safety Council:


On every order where restrictions are not in place, NSR will contact the agent / Insured by phone and send the following:

National Safety and Risk has been asked to complete an insurance inspection for (Insured name), (policy #) on behalf of our client (Carrier name), this is the policy you have with (broker's name). We have been requested to visit (address (s)). You were provided as our local contact to schedule the inspection. 

We are sensitive to the current COVID-19 situation and in response have set new inspection protocols, with the assistance of your policy carrier, to complete the inspections in a manner that will adhere to the current restrictions and safety guidelines.  

For residential buildings, the NSR consultant does not need to access any occupied units.  If there is a vacant unit available, observation of the interior would be ideal. For all locations, with proper social distancing, observation of the high hazard areas is requested. 

If the insured is not comfortable with providing interior access, we can offer the following options:

•            Full Survey where NSR requests the insured provide interior photos of high hazard areas.
•            Full Exterior with Desktop / Aerial assessments
•            Exterior Only without Desktop / Aerial Assessments
•            Virtual: Desktop / Aerial Assessments

Thank you for your continued support.  We will update you as needed if anything changes with respect to our workflow and other.   Contact us with any questions or concerns.

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National Safety & Risk  COVID -19

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